Why the name "Aztec Owl"?
It started when I bought a necklace and the pendant was an owl with an aztec design on its front. I called it my "aztec-y owl" necklace and I suppose the name was in the back of my mind when I started to come up with blog names! Plus, I looove aztec/tribal patterns AND owls are one of my favourite animals, so it seemed perfect.

Why did you start the blog?
Having had a youtube channel for a couple of years (which I love), I wanted to branch out and try something new. I've always enjoyed writing, but storytelling isn't really something I have the concentration span for (maybe short stories.....). Writing a blog allows me to think of an idea, and within the space of two days or even two minutes, it can be posted and people can be reading it. I want to use my ideas to connect with and inspire people!

What's the main focus of your blog?
I write about anything that I find interesting. Music, TV, Fashion, Beauty, Arts & Crafts, Advice/ Tips etc. It's nice to have somewhere to write down your ideas/ organise your mind and I hope I can inspire people in the process!

Where else can I find you?


Youtube - covers and originals!




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